Editor & Proofreader

I am a professionally trained, experienced copy-editor and proofreader. I have  more than 10 years’ experience working as a freelance editor and proofreader for a wide range of clients. I hold an MSc and I have received professional training in editing at the Publishing Training Centre in London, UK. I am a member of the Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers of Ireland (AFEPI Ireland). I have proven experience in delivering high quality material on time. I pay particular attention to detail and I have a flair for tailoring text to a target audience. My clients range from international organisations and large publishing companies to individual authors and academics all around the world. No job is too big or too small! I work in both British English and US English.


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Copy-editing involves reviewing text and ensuring it conforms to a publishable standard


Proofreading is checking of a copy-edited document that has been laid out ready for printing for superficial errors


Once you are happy with the content, you should check that your text looks ok


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