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All my services are done and delivered electronically i.e. all the marking up of your text is done using a computer, not with a red pen on paper as it was done in the past and the edited file is sent to you by email. I use track change tool in Word, which shows all the suggested changes/additions/deletions in different colours and my comments on the page (on screen). You can choose to accept or reject each suggested change. I also include a “clean” file with all my suggested changes accepted and my comments as some people prefer to read the final product without seeing the distracting marks on the screen. It means all our correspondence can be conducted by email. Of course I’m always happy to have a quick chat by phone or by Skype if you prefer. Just send me an email to book a time slot.



Take the stress out of producing a professional, polished document. Do you want to be sure that your publication is a professional, publishable standard? Do you want a publication that is accurate, clear, and comprehensible? Do you want your publication to sound consistent i.e. like just one person wrote it although it had many contributors and authors with different writing styles? Do you want it to have the right language for its intended audience?

Get your text reviewed in detail to ensure it conforms to a publishable standard; the language flows well, it has correct punctuation and no spelling or grammatical errors. The final result will be accurate, clear, concise, comprehensible and consistent. The copy-editor can ensure your text adheres to a specific style guide (e.g. Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press) and generally improves the text to a high standard.

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Proofreading Ireland


Proofreading (or a quick read through) of a document that has already been copy-edited and has been laid out ready for printing. It is the last stage in the process. It involves checking a text for superficial errors e.g. correcting obvious typos, headings/table/title errors, covers, images, front/back matter, page alignment, missing/repeated paragraphs/text falling off the page. It does not involve rewording the text. It is used for a final document [usually in PDF] that has been laid out in a DTP programme (i.e. InDesign) with final text, design and photos/figures/tables in place.

Are you fed up with those embarrassing little errors that follow you around after you’ve printed your important report, manual or article? Take the stress out of producing a professional, polished document. Do you want to be sure that your publication is a professional, publishable standard? Get a pair of sharp eyes to expertly check over your document, eliminate any embarrassing errors and produce a publication you can be proud of.

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Once you are happy with the content, you need to worry about the formatting i.e. how the thesis looks!


I provide a formatting service for theses and other longer Word documents. Once you are happy with the content, you need to worry about the formatting i.e. how the document looks! If your thesis doesn’t confirm to the requirements, e.g. it has the wrong margin size or alignment or it is messy and has a number of different fonts and formatting styles throughout, if some page numbers are missing, if you don’t know how to put roman numerals on preliminary pages, (or if you don’t know what preliminary pages are), if the paragraphs are separated in UK style (one hard return) but you’re using US English (that requires tabs between paragraphs), you should consider getting your thesis formatted.

Anne Downes offers a professional formatting service for theses. She can standardize the formatting style throughout, merge chapters, ensure preliminary pages are in order, do the page numbering, as well as fix common formatting errors. She is familiar with the general formatting requirements of most universities and is expert at getting your thesis into the required format ready for printing. It’s a convenient service at a very stressful time when you are tired and often rushing to meet a deadline.

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